URBAN TOOL - Bags from Austria

The story of URBAN TOOL was beginning as Kurt Tanner, the associate of today's trading company and husband of Sabrina Tanner, requested a solution to carry his personal and technical equipment close to his body. Hence Sabrina Tanner, product designer and today's CFO, started to create a wearable "tool" worn around the chest, for his special needs accordant to his dynamic everyday life. The very first "urban tool" was born. Very soon, it was remarkable that the requirements from Kurt were not only his individual need, it reflected the needs of a huge group of active modern people who are reliant on a lot of technical equipment in our mobile world. More and more people in the streets of Vienna were asking for this concept, to wear and to store all your personal things close to the body.

This high interest entailed the invention to become part of a research and development project, which investigated the field of wearable communication. After a few months of development and improvements a serial of the first 100 URBAN TOOL basicHolsters were produced and have been sold to the early adopters/early birds of Vienna in 2003. In summer 2004 Anja Herwig, Sabrina Tanner and Kurt Tanner founded the Austrian design and trading company URBAN TOOL in Vienna, at the same time URBAN TOOL has received a the global BrandNewAward for designing the most innovative sport accessory of the year at the ISPO fair in Munich/Germany.
Since then URBAN TOOL has made a name for oneself as outstanding international brand for high innovative products to wear your digital devices during your everyday life.

Most times a bag is nothing more than a small usual bag that reminds you the waiters on work. If you believe that, then you have not seen the unique bag of Urban Tool. It's cool, modern, stylish, comfortable, practical, safe, young and… and… and…its gifts has no end.

These stylish bags have special cases to store with safety your mobile phone, your wallet, your keys, your iPod and everything else you want to carry with. Because of its practical design, you can where it with the classic way around
your mid or around your shoulder. Its comfortable and fit to every device you want to carry. Fit perfect, to athletes, students, for a walk, for every travel
and every day!

Official Web Site: www.urbantool.com


CrossHolster   CaseBelt   PocketBar   HipHolster

Hip bag for sports and leisure
ergonomic cut and lightweight material
big mesh pocket for water bottles/ umbrellas 4 safe and clearly arranged slots for gadgets 1 big mesh pocket with zipperon the back side 2 additional zipper pockets on the backside adjustable strap with buckle closing innovative buckle coating system for comfort reflective patches for safety incl.

Key strap with yo-yo additional carabiner
Functional mono strap bag

1 roomy pocket for camera/wallet
1 pocket for iPod or mobile phone
1 pocket for keys with key strap and yo-yo
1 zipper pocket on the back side
adjustable belt wearable as shoulder or hip bag
Roomy main pocket, perfect iPad size, 11.1" individual pockets on the front side durable and protective waterproof material with additional straps to fix around your body with carabiner and key yo-yo 1 roomy main pocket with waterproof zipper 4 individual pockets on the front side 1 zipper pocket on the backside 1 pen slot, removable wearing strap
Stylish hip bag

1 pocket for wallet or camera
1 pocket for cell phone
1 pocket for iPod
1 scrip for small devices
1 pocket with key strap and yo-yo
1 zipper pocket on back side
1 pen case adjustable belt
removable leg strap


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