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Mission Electronics was founded in 1977 by Farad Azima and was immediately recognised as one of the leaders in the development of acoustic engineering through its application of new technologies to create some of the most rewarding loudspeakers in every market sector.

Mission became a very popular hi-fi brand over the years and has earned an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of some of the world's finest and technologically innovative hi fi products.

The brand continued to deliver outstanding performance throughout the 1980s and 1990s, producing many "firsts" and constantly breaking through technological barriers. The management buyout in 2005 set greater focus on retail markets and in the company's investment in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
Currently Mission's team of engineering experts is headed by award-winning audio designer Peter Comeau whose history with the Mission brand stems from his being Mission's Director of Acoustic Design in 1999 where he was instrumental in achieving numerous accolades for the brand.

Through an engineering-led approach to product development, Mission remains the standard by which other loudspeaker companies are measured. With huge investments and group resources that include the capability to manufacture every single component of each product, Mission will continue to define loudspeaker reproduction standards in the coming years.

Official Web Site: www.mission.co.uk.


Pyramid Technology   Mission MX-2   NXT Drive Units   76se Viotex Technology

Mission's 'Paramid' driver is formed using a sandwich structure. Aramid polymer fibres with incredible tensile strength are sandwiched between two stiffer pulp layers.

This creates a cone which is very light and stiff, yet has superb internal damping.

The internal damping drastically reduces cone-induced distortion by absorbing the transverse waves that travel through a cone following an impulse.
Mission MX-2
Hi-Fi World - June 2011

Audiophile specialist magazine Hi-Fi World delivers a superb review of the Mission MX-2 speakers in its latest issue, culminating in the magazine's maximum 'five globe' rating.

The reviewer, Paul Rigby, among the speakers' many highlights are "punchy, fulsome sound", "clarity and detail" and "design and build", while the 'against' column contains "nothing at the price".
Whilst conventional loudspeakers move in and out pistonically to create radiating beams of sound, NXT (or DML Distributed Mode) panels excite the surface of a material.

In the same way that a piano soundboard amplifies the note from the strings, the sound is propagated from the entire surface of the panel at an amplified level.

The waves across the surface form a complex, dense wave structure, so has very different properties to the kind of pistonic sound produced by conventional loudspeakers.
Viotex is an extremely fine weave material which is both incredibly light and, when woven into a matrix and impregnated, is also very strong.

Capable of moving at incredibly high speeds with minimal inertia, Viotex not only improves the upper frequency response band limit and improves the detail resolution, it is incredibly natural and relaxed in performance.


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