About us...

Our company, Apopsis Sound, is into sound for over 30 years. We have been official distributors of many popular brands. Although, for more than 13 years we mostly work with Tivoli Audio in Greece and Cyprus. Tivoli Audio and our marketing department placed us in the top places in the sound market.

Working with Tivoli Audio helped us to discover new collaborations with many kinds of customers and dealers, which are not only into sound. We have been working with most of the chain-shops, traditional sound shops, design shops and gift-shops around Greece and Cyprus.

At the moment, we are based Charilaou of Thessaloniki. Our team contains specialist in sound, vision and design. Moreover, we have a very good connection with designers, graphic designers, journalists and magazines.


We are proud of our After Sales Service, which helps our past customers anytime. Our updated website (www.apopsissound.gr) helps our customers and dealers to solve any problems they face.

All the brands are chosen based on quality, popularity, gadget-style and have the same philosophy and policy.

We often offer good deals on our e-shop (www.apopsisshop.gr) and on our Facebook page.
Be sure to visit us. https://www.facebook.com/ApopsisSound/?fref=ts

Peter Gavriilidis
Sales Manager

You can visit us in our new Studio Hi-Fi & Show Room of Apopsis Sound...


Studio Hi-Fi & Show Room
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 Open times from 9:00 to 14:00 Monday-Friday
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Eteokleous 41 • Harilaou 542 50 Thessaloniki Phone: +30 2310 322155 E-mail: sales@tivoliaudio.com.gr Site: www.apopsissound.gr


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The past years Apopsis Sound has achieved a very nice contact with you. Except phone lines, E-mail and personal contact, now you can find us on facebook.
Apopsis Sound has created our e-shop for easy shopping www.apopsishop.gr. You can navigate and buy very easy, the popular radios of Tivoli Audio and the special soundsystems of Geneva...
We are the official distributors of Tivoli Audio in Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria.
This is the brand that leveled us to the first places of Greek market.

Lots of photos, videos, critics from a lot of magazines, technical support and a lot of other things that can guide you to the GENEVA.